Прикладна фізіологія рослин (Applied Plant Physiology)

Тип: На вибір ВУЗу

Кафедра: фізіології та екології рослин

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СеместрК-сть годинЛекторГрупа(и)
132доцент Романюк Н. Д.БЛБ - 11м


СеместрК-сть годинГрупаВикладач(і)
116БЛБ - 11мдоцент Романюк Н. Д.

Опис курсу

Principles of plant physiology with applications in controlled environment agriculture settings as well as in phytopharmacy, biotechnology, agronomic and horticultural field production. Applications of plant physiological principles relevant to production practices in fields, greenhouses, plant production factories, tissue culture vessels and post-harvest storage will explored through study of current research publications in these areas.

Course Objectives: This course aims to provide students with a review of the basic principles and processes governing plant physiological function. The course will guide students in application of their knowledge of plant physiology to crop production and management systems and provide experience using current scientific literature to predict the influence of environmental factors on plant growth and development. Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1.Define relevant terminology and techniques used in controlled environment agriculture, horticultural and agronomic field production. 2.Understand and be able to describe general mechanisms involved in plant responses to environmental conditions in field and controlled environment agriculture settings. 3.Compare and contrast plant physiological development, growth, and yield responses indifferent production systems. 4.Evaluate scientific literature covering principles and applications of plant  physiology to production systems.

Рекомендована література

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