Cell signaling systems

Type: Normative

Department: human and animals physiology

Course description

Objective: To acquaint students with the signaling pathways of cells, their elements, and interaction in providing physiological functions at the cellular level, to teach to analyze english-language scientific literature and create high-quality conceptual schemes of signaling pathways in multimedia presentations, to present the results of their research.

Interdisciplinary links: the study of the discipline is based on the material of the normative courses “Cytology”, “Human and Animal Physiology”, “Biochemistry”, “System Physiology”, “Molecular Physiology”.


The main tasks of studying the discipline are:

– Acquaintance of students with modern data about various signaling systems of cells and their role in maintenance of cellular functions.

– Teach to independently search, analyze, systematize, design and present scientific data on signaling systems.

– To stimulate cooperation between students in their scientific work.

– To improve students’ knowledge of modern scientific vocabulary and terminology in Ukrainian and English.


According to the requirements of the educational-professional program, students must know:

  • principles of organization and properties of signal systems;
  • plasma membrane receptors and their intracellular cascades;
  • secondary intermediaries;
  • intercellular signaling;
  • intracellular signals of cytoplasmic origin;
  • the role of transcription factors in cellular signaling;
  • epigenetic signaling mechanisms.


Students must be able to:

  • conduct a literary search on a given topic, including the use of modern computer databases;
  • critically analyze and systematize literature data;
  • to create schemes of signaling paths of cells;
  • create high-quality multimedia presentations;
  • present the results of their scientific and abstract work;
  • review the work of colleagues.


Recommended Literature

  1. Handbook of Cell Signaling (Second Edition) / Edited by:Ralph A. Bradshaw and Edward A. Dennis. – Academic press, 2010. –  3047 p.
  2.  Крутецкая З.И., Лебедев О.Е., Курилова Л.С. Механизмы внутриклеточной сигнализации: Монография. – СПб.: Изд-во С. Петерб. Ун-та, 2003. 208 с.