Welcome to the web site of the biology faculty!

The Faculty of Biology prepares bachelors and masters in the following specialties: 014.05 – “Secondary education (Biology and human health)”, 091 – “ Biology ”, 101 – “ Ecology”, and since 2022 – bachelors in the specialty 162 – «Biotechnology and bioengineering». The specialty “Biology” is provided by the following master’s educational programs: Botany, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Genetics, Zoology, Microbiology, Human and Animal Physiology, Plant Physiology, Laboratory Diagnosis of Biological Systems, Biodiversity conservation. The faculty has a postgraduate course in “Biology” and “Ecology”.

Graduates of the faculty can work in scientific, ecological, sanitary-epidemiological, agricultural, food and microbiological industries, also in fisheries, nature conservation and environmental protection, landscaping and park management, in laboratories of all medical and diagnostic education levels, both in Ukraine and abroad. Students undergo the internships at the Alpine Biological Hospital, Shatsk Biological and Geographical Hospital, the Botanical Garden of the University and also the internships in laboratories.


Dean of the Biology Faculty,

Ihor Hamar