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Welcome to the web site of the biology faculty!


The faculty prepares bachelors and masters (full time and part time study) in the following majors: “Biology”, “Ecology”, “Secondary Education (biology and human health).”

Major “Biology” includes the following specializations: botany, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics and biotechnology, zoology, microbiology, human and animal physiology, plant physiology, laboratory diagnostics of biological systems, biodiversity conservation.

The post graduate courses at the faculty provide studies and scientific research for “Biology” and “Ecology” majors.

The biology faculty graduates can be employed and engaged in the scientific, ecological, sanitary and epidemiological, agricultural spheres, food and microbiological industries, fish industry, conservation field and environmental activities, landscaping and park areas, environmental security and emergency facilities, in laboratories of medical diagnostic profile and forensic medical examinations, and educational institutions of all levels both in Ukraine and abroad.

The faculty has an interfaculty educational laboratory of instrumental research methods, an interdepartmental educational laboratory for biodiversity research, a training laboratory for spectrophotometric research methods in biology, an interdisciplinary educational laboratory for virtual methods in biology, an ecological hydrobiological laboratory, three scientific research laboratories, and the units the collections of which belong to the national heritage of Ukraine – the Zoological Museum, the Herbarium and the collection of cultures of microorganisms – antibiotics producers.

The teaching process at the faculty is provided by a highly professional team of teaching staff, including 14 professors and over 50 associate professors.

The students always share their unforgettable impressions from the practical training they undergo at one of the following units:

-the unique scientific research center of alpine biological station in the village of Kvasy, Rakhiv district, Transcarpathian region;

-Shatsk Biological and Geographic station located on the bank of the picturesque lake Pisochne, Volyn region;

-in the Botanical Garden of the University.

Graduate and postgraduate students of the biology faculty help to organize and conduct the International scientific conferences “Youth and the Progress of Biology” which have become the traditional ones at the faculty.

The work of students’ government – Students’ Council of the faculty and the dormitory – has always been very efficient as well as the work of the trade union organization. The result of this work is reflected in a variety of events and activities: evening concerts devoted to national patriotic songs, “From heart to heart”, “Shevchenko Day”, “Talents of the biological faculty”, Student’s Day, “Miss University”, “Singing with the Teachers”, different events devoted to traditional Ukrainian holidays celebrations.

The students of the faculty volunteer at the Rehabilitation Center “Dovira” where they arrange the celebration of St. Nicholas Day and conduct theatrical performance “Give the Child a Fairy Tale”.



Dean of the Biology Faculty,

Ihor Hamar