Postgraduate and doctoral studies

The Doctor of Philosophy is both an educational and at the same time the first scientific degree obtained at the third level of higher education on the basis of a master’s degree. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is awarded by a specialized academic council of a higher education institution or scientific institution as a result of successful completion of the relevant educational and scientific program and public defense of the thesis in the specialized academic council.

Doctor of Science (Dr.Hab.) is the second scientific degree obtained by a person at the scientific level of higher education on the basis of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and involves the acquisition of the highest competencies in developing and implementing research methodology, conducting original research, obtaining scientific results. or practical problems, are of national or global importance and published in scientific journals.

At the Faculty of Biology there is a postgraduate course (Doctor of Philosophy) in the specialties 091 – Biology and 101 – Ecology and a doctoral program in the specialty 091 – Biology.