Research in biology in Lviv University began at the end of the XVIII century, then the flora of Prikarpattya and adjoining territories was studied, and considerably activated in the XIX century. In the herbarium of biological faculty since these times there have been collections of plants of Ostap Voloschak, Alexander Zavadsky, Joseph Ladovsky, Anthony Reman et al.

In 1852 the department of zoology separated from the department of botany. By since from 1884 it was managed by Benedict Dybovsky, the first researcher of fauna of the lake Baikal and Pribaikallya. He also studied the fauna of Kamchatka, the Amur River basin, the coast of the Japanese sea. In Lviv University B. Dybovsky founded a Zoological Museum, containing unique exhibits. In 1852 professor Hyacinth Lobachevsky founded the Botanical Garden of Lviv University.

Research in human and animal physiology, embryology, comparative anatomy, anthropology began at the end of the XIX century. In 1920-1940 a famous biochemist Yakub Parnas worked in the university. He explored the role of phosphoric connections in glicolysis process in muscle and by this complemented the chart of Embden-Meyergoff glicolysis.

Faculty of Biology was founded in 1940 on the basis of Natural Faculty. Then had ten departments with 24 teachers, including 9 professors and 6 associate professors. In post-war years the corresponding member Academy of Science of Ukraine M.G.Popov, professors A.S.Lazarenko, K.M.Leutsky, V.O.Zahvat, P.M.Nikiforovsky, P.D.Yaroshenko, S.P.Litvinov, associate professors G.O.Gebgardt, F.Y.Strauman et al.

Today there are 8 departments, 3 research laboratories, herbarium, zoological museum, intercathedral laboratory of mathematical methods in biology, interfaculty laboratory of electronic microscopy at the faculty.

The faculty of biology prepares different specialists: secondary school, technical school, higher educational establishment teachers of biology, research laboratories and establishment workers, biotechnological enterprises workers, nature protection organization workers.

The students of the faculty of biology are engaged in the scientific work. The specific laboratories of faculty, botanical garden, herbarium, zoological museum, Carpathian alpine biological base, Shatsky biology-geographical base with an ecological-hydrobiological laboratory in Polissya, methodological cabinet and two computer classes are at the disposal of the students. At every department functions a student scientific group. With the investigation results students come forward on the meetings of the scientific group, faculty current scientific student conferences, conferences for students, graduate students and young scientists.

At the departments graduate students are prepared in such specialties: Biochemistry, biophysics, botany, genetics, hydrobiology, zoology, microbiology, human and animal physiology, plant physiology.