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Student Government organizes entertainment and promotes education for students of the faculty.

Leisure activities:

  • Organization of professional holiday of applied sciences specialist and programmer.
  • Intellectual and cognitive quests.
  • Competition “Miss and Mister of the faculty”.
  • Championship and cup of futsal.
  • Competitions on different sports (table tennis, bike competition).
  • Organization of musical evenings, during which, students play guitar and sing popular Ukrainian songs
  • Creation of necessary conditions for living and rest.
  • Recreation of students

Scientific activities:

  • Organization of students’ scientific conferences.
  • Organizationof lectures and seminars on programming.
  • Cooperation with student organizations on scientific projects.
  • Trainingson memory and logic development.

Student Council

Chairman of the Student Council – Anzhelika Kulchytska


Viktoriia Rudenko, Mariia Voitovych, Iryna Katulska

Members of the Student Council:

Vasylyna Bunyak

Roman Bushta

Mariia Voitovych

Roksolana Duban

Viktoriia Zaletska

Iryna Katulska

Marta Kulyk

Diana Hrytsyshyn

Solomiia Markevych

Nadiia Mykhalchak

Yana Muzyka

Nataliia Pelenyo

Khrystyna Reshtei

Viktoriia Rudenko

Khrystyna-Yuliia Skrynnyk

Lev Tsarin

Mariia Chaban

The work of the Student Council is organized in the following departments: Press Center, Creative Department, Research Department, Sports Department, Sponsorship and Cooperation Department, Student Television. Our team consists of more than twenty active students who strive to make the student life of the faculty better. We are a team of active and creative young people who want to turn all their ideas into reality and work for the benefit of students. So, if you want to work with us, implement cool projects together and improve – we are waiting for you in our team!



Open position for a biologist/biochemist from Ukraine at the Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland

27.03.2022 | 19:55

Dear Colleagues,
We offer a well-paid temporary job in a research project to a scientist who is a refugee from Ukraine.
The formal requirements are only that the person:
– has a PhD degree or the Ukrainian equivalent in biology, biochemistry, biotechnology or a related discipline;
– before leaving Ukraine has been engaged in a scientific research work in a university or a research institute;
– has left Ukraine on or after Feb. 24, i.e., can be considered a refugee.  Note, that it applies also...

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PhD and post-doctoral position in Czech Republic

26.03.2022 | 10:17

Group leader of Laboratory of Molecular Therapy of Institute of Biotechnology, Czech Academy of Sciences, near Prague, offered a PhD position and post-doctoral position to work in the area of cancer biology. Salary and accommodation provided.
More details Neužil Jiří

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Job offers in Germany

18.03.2022 | 11:23

Dr. Erich Gulbins, the director of the Institute of Molecular Biology at the University Hospital Essen, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany:
“To provide some support, I would like to offer 1 postdoc position and 1 PhD position for 2 of your colleagues and students (biologist, biochemist or medical doctor) or of any other institutions in your country that might be unable to work due to the war. I know it is not a lot, but at least some support.
The positions are certainly...

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