Student Trade Union

The team of the Trade Union Bureau of the Faculty of Biology is divided into the following departments:

Information – is engaged in searching for information, writing texts, developing posters and general design of the page, creating content for social networks.

Cultural and mass – organizes cognitive and entertainment events, competitions, parties.

Career prospects – organizes trainings, meetings, seminars, cooperates with public and private structures for internships and employment of students, communicates with other universities to share experiences.

Sponsorship – looking for sponsors, negotiates discounts for students of the faculty.

Touristic – organizes sports events, as well as various trips, hikes, etc.

In general, the team has talented people who motivate not only each other but also students to work and live an active life. We are friendly and hardworking, we are glad to invite you to the team!

Team members

  1. Svitlana Bublyk
  2. Yana Vlasiuk
  3. Viktoriia Vonsovych
  4. Daryna Hrachova
  5. Tetiana Hrytsan
  6. Iryna Danylo
  7. Khrystyna Zakharevych
  8. Diana Zinchuk
  9. Mariana Ihnat
  10. Viktoriia Kernytska
  11. Uliana Kyryliv
  12. Yelyzaveta Kokot
  13. Taisiia Kosmenko
  14. Uliana Kuzyk
  15. Viktoriia Lepetska
  16. Yuliia Malachynska
  17. Yelyzaveta Petlina
  18. Karina Pohorila
  19. Alina Prystupa
  20. Mariia Roik
  21. Olha Svidryk
  22. Oleksandra Sydorchuk
  23. Khrystyna Sorochynska
  24. Solomiia Terletska
  25. Maryna Fetisova
  26. Viktoriia Futerko
  27. Viktoriia Chemiorkina
  28. Andrii Shemchuk
  29. Rostyslav Shulhan