Job and internship available at the German Cancer Research Center

09.03.2022 | 11:13
A number of labs at the German Cancer Research Center are ready to offer help to university students, masters, graduate students and postgraduate scientists.
A number of labs could offer mini jobs immediately, or internship upon application.
Contact person:
Please note that, due to data protection policy, I am not allowed to store personal data.
For the time being, please avoid attaching CVs to the email.
Instead, following information would be really helpful for us to match your students with labs at our institute:
1. Your Filed of training (discipline: Biology, Informatics, Mathematics, etc.)
2. Education level (High school, University (enrolled or completed), master, Ph.D., or postgraduate scientists)
3. A reliable contact method (phone number or email)
We appreciate to receive application in English or German.