Nataliya Romanyuk

Position: Associate Professor, Plant Physiology and Ecology Department, Managing Editor Biologichni Studii/Studia Biologica Journal ISSN 1996-4536 (Print) ISSN 2311-0783 (Online)

Scientific degree: Candidate of Biological Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phones (Office): (032) 239-4334, +38(032)2394283


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Research interests

Field experiments, crop plants, mineral malnutrition, yield, plant growth regulators, plant responses to abiotic and biotic stresses, including heavy metals, salinity, biogeochemistry, phytoindication, plant-microbe interaction


Selected publications

  1. Makar, O.; Kuźniar, A.; Patsula, O.; Kavulych, Y.; Kozlovskyy, V.; Wolińska, A.; Skórzyńska-Polit, E.; Vatamaniuk, O.; Terek, O.; Romanyuk, N. Bacterial Endophytes of Spring Wheat Grains and the Potential to Acquire Fe, Cu, and Zn under Their Low Soil Bioavailability. Biology 2021, 10, 409.
  2. Huajin Sheng, Yulin Jiang, Maryam Rahmati, Ju-Chen Chia, Tatyana Dokuchayeva, Yana Kavulych, Tetiana-Olena Zavodna, Patrick N Mendoza, Rong Huang, Louisa M Smieshka, Julia Miller, Arthur R Woll, Olga I Terek, Nataliya D Romanyuk, Miguel Piñeros, Yonghong Zhou, Olena K Vatamaniuk, YSL3-mediated copper distribution is required for fertility, seed size and protein accumulation in Brachypodium, Plant Physiology, 2021;, kiab054,
  3. Kozlovskyy V., Romanyuk N. The impact of pine self-afforestation on podzolization process in semi-natural grassland areas of Volyn Polissya (Ukraine). Studia Biologica, 2021; 15(2): 47–62 •DOI:
  4. Finiuk, N., Romanyuk, N., Mitina, N. et al. (2020) Evaluation of Phytotoxicity and Mutagenicity of Novel DMAEMA-Containing Gene Carriers. Cytol. Genet. 54, 437–448.
  6. Makar O.O., Patsula O.I., Kavulych Y.Z., Batrashkina T.I., Bunio L.V., Kozlovskyy V.I., Vatama­niuk O., Terek O.I., Romanyuk N.D. (2019) Excised leaf water status as a measure of drought resistance of Ukrai­nian spring wheat. Studia Biolo­gica, 2019: 13(2); 41–54 • DOI:
  7. Derkach I.V., Timmusk S., Romanyuk N.D. (2018) Total phenolic, anthocyanins and TBA-active products in buckwheat plants under NaCl impact // Біологічні студії / Studia Biologica. – 2018: 12(3–4); 27–34.  DOI:
  8. I. Derkach, N. Kovalska, Ch. Sembai, N. Kvashchyshyn, N. Romanyuk (2017) Stomatal behavior of Fagopyrum esculentum Moench. and Vicia faba L. plants under the NaCl salinity Visnyk of the Lviv University. Series Biology. Issue 75. P. 175–183 [In Ukrainian] DOI: 10.30970/vlubs.2017.75.20
  9. M. V. Dmytruk, N. V. Vasyliv, I. V. Derkach, I. M. Mykiyevych, N. D. Romanyuk (2016) Effects of seed priming with growth regulator Biolan on salt tolerance of Pisum sativum L. // Biol. Stud. /Studia Biologica. – 2016: 10(3–4); 107–118. • DOI:
  10.  Makar O. Grain yield and micronutrient accumulation in spring wheat grown under different soil conditions /International Symposium “Sustainable Approaches for Improving Wheat Yield and Nutritional Value”/ Makar O., Kavulych Ya., Kozlovskyy V., Patsula O., Bunio L., Derkach I., Batrashkina T.., Vatamaniuk O., Terek O., Romanyuk N.// Proceedings of the International Symposium, Lviv, Ukraine, June 27 th . 2018. – Lviv: Liga-Press, 2018.– P.11. (ISBN 978-617-397-207-4)
  11. Kavulych Y. The Identification of Wheat Varieties with the Enhanced Ability to Grow Under Mineral Deficiency in Soils and Increased Concentration of Minerals in Grains (2018) Kavulych Y., Makar O., Patsula O., Bunio L., Batrashkina T., Kozlovskyy V., Chia, J-C., Zavodna, T.O., Vatamaniuk, O., Sorrells, M., Terek O., Romanyuk N. // Book of Abstracts 2018 Annual ASA-CSSA Meeting — November 04-07, 2018, Baltimore, USA
  12. Derkach I., Bachmann G., Fragner L., Romanyuk N., Weckwerth W. (2017) Cationic and metabolomic changes in buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) plants under the NaCl influence // Біологічні Студії/Studia Biologica. – 2017. – Vol. 11, №3-4. – Р.53-54.
  13.  Dyadkova K., Romanyuk N., Kozlovskyy V. (2013) Biogeochemistry Cu, Zn, Cd, Mn, Fe, Co in green zones of Melitopol city (Zaporizhzhya region, Ukraine). Visnyk of Lviv Univ. Biology Ser., 62: 188-195 [in Ukrainian].
  14. Kozlovskyy V., M. Skrypnikova, O. Uspenskaya, N. Romanyuk (2010) Distribution of heavy metals in the profile of peat bog Zhuravlyne (Skolivski Beskydy, Ukrainian Carpathians) as an indicator of changes in chemical composition of air precipitations in historical retrospective. Studia Biologica 4 (3): 81–88 DOI:
  15. Romanyuk N.D., D. J. Rigden, O.K. Vatamaniuk, A. Lang, R.E. Cahoon, J. M. Jez, P. A. Rea (2006) Mutagenic Definition of a Papain-Like Catalytic Triad, Sufficiency of the N-Terminal Domain for Single-Site Core Catalytic Enzyme Acylation, and C-Terminal Domain for Augmentative Metal Activation of a Eukaryotic Phytochelatin Synthase Plant Physiol., 141:1–12.DOI: 10.1104/pp.106.082131
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  18. N. Romaniuk, G. Buchko, N. Buchko and O. Terek (2001) Influence of zeastimulin and laser irradiation on the contents of mineral elements in Zea mays L. seedlings. In: Horst W.J. et al. (eds) Plant Nutrition. Developments in Plant and Soil Sciences, vol 92. Springer, Dordrecht book-chapter Part of DOI:


Cv2020Romanyuk short

2002-current: Associate Professor of Plant Physiology, Department of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine

2015-current: Secretary Executive of Studia Biologica Journal, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine

2003-2004 Researcher 0,5 employment, Department of Plant Physiology at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine

State Project ОБ-175б “Role of growth regulators in formation of a adaptive potential to unfavorable environment, № 0103U001910

2001-2002 Researcher, 0,5 employment, Department of Biology at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine State project BL10b ‘Study the influence of biogenic and synthetic regulators on a growth and productivity of plants’

2000-2001 Vice-Dean of Biological Faculty, Mentoring work, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine

1997-2002: Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Physiology, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine


2017-2019: Project Director of OISE 16-62755 CRDF Project “Sustainable Approaches to Increase Yield and Nutritional Value of Wheat”

2013-2014: Senior Researcher of State Scientific Project БР-141П, Application of Growth-Promoting Bacterial Fertilizers for Intensification of Phytoremediation Processes of Oil-polluted Soils, State Register № 0113U003047

2010-2012 Co-PI of the Project on “Phytomonitoring of Antropogenically Transformed Environment”, State Register №0110U004071

2004-2005 Postdoctoral Fellow at Plant Science Institute, University of Pennsylvania NSF-NATO grant

2003-2004: Senior Researcher, International Ukrainian-Hungarian project № М/409-2003 “Study of mobilization, accumulation, distribution and bioremediation of heavy metals of polluted ecosystems of Upper Tysa river basin” Uzgorod State University, Uzgorod, Ukraine


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