Olga Terek

Position: Professor, Plant Physiology and Ecology Department

Scientific degree: Doctor of Biological Sciences

Academic status: Professor

Email: olha.terek@lnu.edu.ua

Web page: orcid.org

Academia.edu profile: publons.com

Facebook profile: www.facebook.com

Research interests

  • Physiological and biochemical bases of plant growth,
  • Biochemical aspects of nitrogen metabolism,
  • mMechanism of action of plant growth regulators,
  • Influence of environmental factors (extreme temperatures, heavy metals, petroleum products) on physiological and biochemical parameters in plants to identify specific markers of stress and eliminate their negative impact.

Head of scientific school “Regulation of plant growth and adaptation with the participation of physiologically active substances”.

Scietific supervisor of 18 candidates of sciences.


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• Kavulych Y. Investigation of salicylic acid-induced change on flavonoids production under cadmium toxicity in buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.) plants / Y. Kavulych, M. Kobyletska, O. Terek // Eureka: Life Sciences. Biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology. Estonia. – V.5. – 2019. – P. 13-18.
• Makar O.O., Patsula O.I., Kavulych Y.Z., Batrashkina T.I., Bunio L.V., Kozlovskyy V.I., Vatamaniuk O., Terek O.I., Romanyuk N.D. Excised leaf water status as a measure of drought resistance of Ukrainian spring wheat. Studia Biologica, 2019: 13(2); 41–54 http://DOI: https://doi.org/10.30970/sbi.1302.604
• New plant growth regulators: basic research and technologies of application. – Monograph / еditors S.P. Ponomarenko, H.O. Iutynska, – Kyiv : Nichlava, 2010. – 211 p.


born May 3, 1940 in Tiszaszirma (Hungary)

1965 graduated with honors from the Faculty of Biology of Lviv State University, with specialty: Biologist. Plant physiologist. Teacher of biology and chemistry

1969 defended her PhD thesis “The effect of gibberellin on the growth and nitrogen metabolism of maize plants” (supervisor Prof. Grebinsky S.)

1969 – 1974 assistant, 1974 – 1989 associate professor of the Department of Plant Physiology, Ivan Franko University of Lviv.

In 1988 defended doctoral dissertation “Growth and metabolic activity of attracting centers in plants under the action of physiologically active substances” (scientific consultant Prof. Kefeli V.)

In 1990 received the title of professor.

Since 1991 – Head of the Department of Morphology, Systematics and Plant Physiology, since 1992 – the Department of Plant Physiology, and since 2000 – the Department of Plant Physiology and Ecology.

Member of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Society of Plant Physiologists (heads the section of teaching plant physiology).

Member of the working group for the development of standards of higher education in Ukraine in the specialty “plant physiology”.

Deputy Chairman of the Specialized Academic Council D 74.844.02, Uman National University of Horticulture;

Member of the editorial board of the Bulletin of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Biological Series).

Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Agrobiology and Ecology of Lviv Agrarian University (Dublyany).

Member of the editorial board of the journal “Biological Studies”.

Chairman of the Lviv branch of the Ukrainian Society of Plant Physiologists.

Honorary member of the Ukrainian Botanical Society, member of the Ukrainian Biochemical Society and the Federation of European Societies of Plant Physiologists (FESPP).

Organizer of four international scientific conferences “Ontogenesis of plants in natural and transformed environment. Physiological, biochemical and ecological aspects “(1998, 2004, 2007, 2017), scientific readings dedicated to the 100th anniversary of prof. S. Hrebinsky (2005), scientific readings dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the resumption of the Department of Plant Physiology (2012), Ukrainian-American Symposium “Sustainable approaches to increasing the yield and nutritional value of wheat” (2018).

Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1996).

Member of the Western Department of Academicians of the Academy of Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1996).


2017-2021 “Use of energy plants for phytoremediation of techno-soils”, project scietific supervisor
2018-2019 – Grant СRDF Global “Sustainable Approaches to Increase the Yield and Nutritional Value of Wheat”, OISE 16-62755-0, project scietific co-supervisor
2016-2017 – Бф 1-16 “Study of the effectiveness of natural poly-component bioregulators of plant growth with bioprotective effect Stimpo and Regoplant in the cultivation of winter oilseed rape and sunflower and their adaptive properties under the action of heavy metal ions – zinc, copper, iron”, project scietific supervisor
2013-2014 – Бр-141п “Application of growth-promoting bacterial fertilizers to intensify the process of phytoremediation of oil-contaminated soil”, project scietific supervisor
2011-2012 – Бр-83п “Application of plant test systems for ecological-toxic-logical diagnostics of oil-contaminated soils in the process of their phytoremediation”, project scietific supervisor
2009-2010 – Бр-02п”Prospects of phytoremediation of oil-contaminated soil”, № state registration 0109U002059, project scietific supervisor
2007-2008 – Бр-91П “Ecological and physiological bases of biotic detoxification of oil-contaminated soils”, project scietific supervisor
2007 – Ukrainian-Hungarian project  № M / 315-2007 “Prospects for cleaning the riverbed of the Tisza from pollutants by phytoremediation”, project scietific co-supervisor


Lviv National University. I. Franko honored Professor(2003).

Laureate of the Yaroslav Mudryi Award of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2011).

Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine (2011).

Teaching materials

“Plant Physiology” for students of the Faculty of Biology / Romanyuk N. Tsvilinyuk O. Mikievich I. Terek O. Lviv: Pyramid, 2005. (in ukr)


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