Nataliia Harasym

Position: Associate Professor, Biophysics and Bioinformatics Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Biological Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Research interests

Study of free radical reactions, morphological, morphometric analysis of various organism tissues of
birds, rats under the influence of histamine, flavonoids, sodium hypochlorite and other exogenous
factors. Within the framework of the department themes "Prooxidant-antioxidant homeostasis and
membrane transport systems of biological objects under the action of physico-chemical factors" she
researches the intensity of of the processes of lipid peroxidation and the activity of enzymes of the
antioxidant defense system of various tissues of rats under harmful influences.


In 2008 she defended her dissertation theses on the topic: "The effect of sodium hypochlorite on
lipid peroxidation and the antioxidant defense systems of the brain of animals in experimental T-2
In 2014 she received the academic title of Associate Professor of Biophysics and Bioinformatics
(Order № 761 of 26.06.2014).
In 2012 she completed an internship at the Danylo Halytsky National Medical University of Lviv at
the Department of Biophysics. In 2017 she underwent her skills improvement at the State Scientific
Research Control Institute of Veterinary Drugs and Feed Additives.


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