Допомога для студентів України

04.03.2022 | 19:04
Інститут ISTA в Австрії пропонує місця для українських студентів різних напрямків на тимчасову дослідницьку програму (деталі про зарплату, проживання та візу читайте нижче).
Комп’ютерні технології
Data science
Deadline March 6
Для реєстрації потрібно подати заявку на ISTernship: https://phd.pages.ist.ac.at/isternship/


Dear Professors,

The institute stands in solidarity with Ukraine, and has decided to fund up to 20 additional 3-month ISTernship positions for students coming from Ukraineю

How this works

The assessment process for the 2022 ISTernship call is currently open until March 6, and 40 applications coming from students from Ukraine are now in the application pool in GenApp.

In addition to your top choice ISTern (who can be from Ukraine or from any other country), the institute will fund a second special ISTern position for a student of your choice coming from Ukraine.

Given the current circumstances, ISTerns coming from Ukraine can start their internship program as soon as possible, they don’t need to wait until May 15, which is the official start date of the program.

To make this process as fast as possible, those of you who can identify academically qualified candidates from Ukraine please send us via email your choices of Ukrainian ISTerns. We are aware that for many of them, especially for male students, it is currently very difficult to leave the country, but as soon as they can do it we can help to get ISTernship rolling in cooperation with OeAD.

What ISTA provides for ISTerns:

  • assistance with travel and visa arrangements
  • travel lump sum
  • help with finding accommodation on campus or in Vienna (OeAD student halls of residence)
  • monthly compensation (1.010 euros net for ISTerns)
  • Interns coming from Ukraine through this program will not count towards headcount of your group


Contact persons

Please contact the Graduate School Office: