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The department of Ecology prepares bachelors, specialists and masters in the field of knowledge 10 “Natural sciences”, specialty 101 “Ecology”. It has postgraduate courses (doctor of philosophy) of knowledge field 10 “Natural sciences” on the specialty 101 “Ecology”, specialization “Ecology”.

The department has a high scientific potential: three professors – the doctors of biological sciences and six candidates of sciences – the assistant professors, an assistants. Teachers provide teaching of a number of academic normative disciplines and disciplines of choice, they conduct the following practices: general-ecological, landscape-ecological, educational-internship and pedagogical on a high professional level. Besides, they teach normative disciplines (“Theory and methodology of environmental education for preschoolers”) and discipline of choice (“Fundamentals of Ecology”, “Human Ecology”) at other faculties.

The staff of the department are the authors of a number of articles in Ukrainian and foreign journals, which are included into scientific and metric databases, also in professional editions, scientific monographs, catalogs, textbooks and manuals, and methodological instructions for students teaching.

The teachers of the department  deliver lectures for students of the Mala Academy of Sciences, they are members of the Ukrainian Botanical Society, of the Ukrainian Society of Plant Physiologists, of the Ukrainian Hydrobiological Society, of the Ukrainian Biochemical Society and Ukrainian Physiological Society, of the Ukrainian Hydroecological Society. They participate in editorial boards: Biology Studios / Studia Biologica, Modern Phytomorphology, Animal Biology, Visnyk of Lviv University. Biological series “,” Visnyk of Lviv National Agrarian University “.

The staff of the department take part in the activities of specialized scientific councils: Professor G.L. Antonyak – D 35.368.01 (specialty 03.00.04 – biochemistry) (Institute of Animal Biology NAAS) and K 35.051.14 (specialty 03.00.04 – Biochemistry) (Lviv Ivan Franko National University). Professor V.G. Kiyak is the chairman of the specialized council for the defense of candidate’s theses on the specialty 03.00.16 – ecology (Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians of the National Academy of Sciences) and participates in the work of the specialized council for the defense of candidate’s theses on the specialty 03.00.16 – ecology (Lviv National Agrarian University).

The department actively cooperates with the Institute of Botany named after M.G. Kholodnyy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, State Natural History Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Animal Biology of UAAS, National Natural History Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Shatsk National Nature Park, Carpathian National Nature Park, Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Lviv Regional State Administration,

Institute of Botany of Jagiellonian University (Republic of Poland), Institute of Botany named after Scheffer of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Republic of Poland), Oytsovsky People’s Park (Republic of Poland), University named after Maria Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin (Republic of Poland), University of Natural Sciences in Lublin (Republic of Poland).

Teachers of the departments of  Lviv and Polish universities  have certification training at the department of ecology.

The staff of the department have academic internships at the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ukrainian universities, as well as at the University of Natural Sciences (Lublin, Poland) and the Maria Curie Skłodowska University (Lublin, Poland).

The students of the department are practicing at the bases of mountenous biological station of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Kvasy village, Rakhiv district, Zakarpattia oblast) and Shatsk biological and geographical station (Shatsk, Shatsky district, Volyn region). Students-ecologists are engaged into research work, they participate in the conferences, in particular at the annual international conference “Youth and the progress of biology”. A student ecological group is functioning at the department of ecology.

The Department of Ecology was created on the November 21, 2012 at the Faculty of Biology of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv on the basis of the decree of the Academic Council of the University (Order of the Rector № 0_117 dated November 5, 2012).




ChairpersonZvenyslava MamchurChairperson
ProfessorHalyna AntonyakProfessor
ProfessorIhor KaprusProfessor
ProfessorVolodymyr KyyakProfessor
Associate ProfessorOksana DumychAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorNatalia DzhuraAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorOlha TsvilynyukAssociate Professor
LecturerYura DrachLecturer
2nd Category EngineerHalyna Mudrak2nd Category Engineer
Department SecretarySofiya HrunykDepartment Secretary
Department SecretaryOlga ShtykDepartment Secretary
Postgraduate StudentOleh MytsakPostgraduate Student
Postgraduate StudentSerhii PrytulaPostgraduate Student

Lecturers' schedule

Teaching materials

Syllabus_Ecological toxicology_2021

навчальний план аспірантів 101-Ekolohiia-ochna

СИЛАБУС_Комплексний моніторинг геосоціосистем»_2019_2020_оновл

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СИЛАБУС_КУРСУ_Військові аспекти_2019_2020

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The scientific topics of the department are monitoring and multilevel bioindicative assessment of ecological state of urbanized and technogenically transformed territories and water areas of Western Ukraine.

The employees of the department study biodiversity (phyto-, myco-, and zoodiversity) and its anthropogenic changes, biota distribution under the conditions of natural and urbanized ecosystems of Western Ukraine, the problems of preservation of natural complexes, they investigate an ecological state of water objects  on the territories with different level of anthropogenic press of Lviv region, study their floristic and faunistic components  as well as bioindicative characteristics of certain biota species, analyze an ecological and biochemical features of aquatic plant species; study an influence of metals, pesticides and natural toxins (aflatoxin B1) on metabolism of biota cells; investigate the reactions of plants to the impact of oil in the soil and the possibility of their effective usage in phytoremediation technologies.

  • anthropogenic changes of flora and fauna on the area of natural and urbanized ecosystems;
  • the distribution peculiarities of biota invasive species;
  • hydroecological analysis of the water reservoirs;
  • an efficiency of usage of different plant species in the phytoremediation  technologies on oil-polluted soils;
  • an influence of the metals, pesticides and natural toxins (aflatoxin B1) on the cells of the biota;
  • changes of biota in high mountainous  areas of the Ukrainian Carpathians  because  of the climate changes.

Department ecology

22 червня розпочинаються практики на кафедрі екології

21.06.2020 | 20:23

Навчальна практика з екології для 1 курсу (керівник доц. Цвілинюк О.М.)
О 9.30 – зустріч на конференції у Zoom
Матеріали доступні на
Виробнича практика для студентів  БЛЕ-31 (керівник доц. Думич О.Я.)
і БЛЕМ-51 (керівник доц. Джура Н.М.)
Продовжується навчальна практика у студентів БЛЕ-21 (керівник доц. Савицька О.М.)  

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International cooperation

12.03.2020 | 12:25

On March 5, 2020, the Department of Biology of the Lviv University was visited by professor Domenico Morabito, a representative of the University of Orleans, Laboratory for Biology of Woody and Agricultural Plants, UPRES EA1207 (Orleans, France). During his visit professor, Morabito met with the teachers, postgraduate students and students of the Department of Plant Physiology and Ecology. It was discussed the possibility of cooperation between scientists in the field of phytoremediation of technogenic polluted soils and internships of Ukrainian...

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“Wild Life Control”

26.11.2019 | 11:31

“Wild Life Control” is an ornithological service of Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport. Students of the Department of Zoology visited Danylo Halytskyi International Airport “Lviv” to get acquainted with the work of the ornithological service “Wild Life Control”. They had the opportunity to observe the work of ornithologists and to realize its importance in the modern world.
During the excursion the students they got acquainted with the process and methods of scaring away the birds at the airport to avoid bird...

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Meeting with the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Argentine Republic in Ukraine

26.11.2019 | 11:30

On November 13, 2019, the Faculty of Biology hosted a meeting of the students and the teaching stuff with the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Argentine Republic in Ukraine, Elena Leticia Mikusinski, and Dr. Pablo Goldschmidt, who delivered a lecture “The application of molecular biology to infectious diseases (the detection of bacteria, viruses and free-living amoebas).”
Professor, Dr. Pablo Goldschmidt, Medical Biologist, Doctor of Biological Sciences in Molecular Pharmacology, studied at the Pharmaceutical and Medical Departments of the University of...

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